This bounty activity is no longer available

Tasks and Rewards

For all languages from the list "Languages" below:

  1. Translate the original ANN post on Bitcointalk announcing the token launch
  2. Post the translation to the local forum on Bitcointalk in your language starting a local thread about HOQU, 
  3. Update it upon our request, publish official news as they are out (no less than 1 per week), moderate the discussion (including answering questions regarding the new post (thread) within 24 hours max)

Reward: 60 Stakes + 1 stake for each post in your local thread

For translating the landing page and updating it upon our request (not all languages).

Reward: 30 Stakes

Original post announcing the token launch on Bitcointalk (in English):

Folder for translators (with ANN BBCode and landing page editable doc): 
PSD files of pictures form ANN: &

For all languages from the list “Languages”:

  1. Translate the White Paper
  2. Post the translation in this thread and the local thread on Bitcointalk in your language, update it upon our request, and moderate the discussion that publishing the white paper in your language might raise (including answering questions regarding the document within 24 hours max) 

Reward: 60 Stakes

White paper in English:

TBA soon

Folder for translators (with WP in Word, and with pictures in PPTX):

TBA soon

NB for all tasks: You may reserve all or just some of the activities in your language. Priority consideration will be given to participants who reserve multiple and especially all of the activities. Each activity can only be implemented once in each language. –°heck the status of language/activity reservations below.


We offer bounty program participants to implement one or more of the above-mentioned activities in any of the following languages (Haven't found your language in the list but still want to handle translation and community management? Ask us):

Getting Approved for Participation

  1. First, check with the list of the languages supported. Then, if yours is on the list and not reserved:
  2. Sign up to HOQU Bounty channel:
  3. Reserve the language and activity by filling this form to make a request for the participation in the Translation & Community management campaign:
    Spreadsheet to check your status:
  4. We'll review your request and contact you to discuss the details and/or confirm your participation. Only once these steps are completed and you received a confirmation from us may you start working on your activity.


  • Once you’ve posted the ANN translation in your language as a post opening a new local thread on Bitcointalk and other forums, post links to the posts to this bounty thread (either one by one, or all in one post if you've posted all at once). Then we will be checking the corresponding threads on a regular basis to make sure your activity in moderation / community management suits your task’s requirements.
  • Once you've posted the WP translation in your language to the local thread, post a link to that post to this bounty. Then we will be checking the corresponding thread on a regular basis to make sure your activity in moderation / community management suits your task’s requirements.
  • Translation must be original. Using Google Translate or any other machine (including online) translation tools is not allowed. Participants exploiting those will be disqualified.
  • One participant may reserve only one language for translation and subsequent moderation. Applications for translating into multiple languages will not be accepted.
  • Bitcointalk posts must be published from the same account you specified in your reservation request.
  • Posted materials must remain public until further notice from HOQU team
  • No tampering with the meaning of texts and posts, no abridging of information or any other structural or conceptual changes are allowed.
  • Increasing post count by making unnecessary posts is not allowed, posts of this kind will not be counted.
  • Questions posed under the published translations must be answered. You may request help with an answer on HOQU Bounty Telegram channel. You must respond within 24 hours max to each question posted by someone else in the thread you created.
  • Moderation is required within the framework of each task option and must be performed in an active manner till the end of the campaign. Inactive participants will be replaced by another moderator hired specifically for updating and moderating your thread. A single-post dead thread is totally useless for the project and will not be tolerated. We expect from translators to take the responsibility of moderation of their threads by keeping the thread active by means of publishing the translation of official announcements, news, and updates on a regular basis. We will disqualify an inactive translator that just translated a thread and left that dead, and we will reduce the reward for such a translator by 50%.
  • You may answer questions from potential buyers without asking for advice in the Telegram Bounty channel on if you know the answer and it has previously been published by the HOQU’s team in the main discussion thread on Bitcointalk LINK, on HOQU’s website, or in the project’s white paper.
  • If you reserved the activity but failed to complete it within 5 days we will cancel your reservation and pass the assignment on to another bounty program participant.

HOQU team reserves the right to change the terms or apply new ones at any time at its sole discretion.


15% of HQX tokens allocated for translation and community management bounties

  • Symbol: HQX
  • Traded
  • Start: 10.10.2017